Streamline data collection like forest health data or planting details for improved accuracy and faster results.

Trusted by more than 100 000 users

in over 190 countries that effectively collaborate on geospatial data with Mergin Maps software.

Harness the power of QGIS in forestry


Offline functionality

Offline data collection functionality ensures continuity even in areas with limited connectivity.


Mobile forms

Allow foresters to use digital forms on mobile devices with advanced data validation rules.


GPS integration

Captures location with each entry, improving accuracy and enabling precise mapping of trees, boundaries, and soil samples.



Record your path while using the app, allowing you to visualise your survey route.or other observations.


Mapping functionality and overlays

Visualise collected data directly on a topographical map with the same cartographical styles as QGIS.


Photo capture with geotagging

Ensure photos are automatically geotagged with their capture location, linking visual tree data (health, species) to precise locations.

See how other companies use Mergin Maps for field surveys

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